Pawan Kumar Sehrawat is grateful for his fortunes that steered him towards VIVO Pro Kabaddi. For what started as a visit to thank his benefactor for getting him a job in the railways, it turned into an opportunity that paved his career.

Having played the sport since he was in school, Sehrawat had done enough for him to be identified as a talent. Talented enough to play for in VIVO Pro Kabaddi.

"When I got a job in the railways, I went to distribute sweets to celebrate, when it was suggested that I should play in the league!" recalls Sehrawat, who successfully proved his mettle in Bengaluru Bulls' camp practice shortly after.

But his confirmation in the team wasn't finalised as the team would need approvals, a decision that took several days and young Sehrawat's patience.

"I used to call them daily asking whether it was done?" Sehrawat explains. "Towards the end I had become so nervous that when I came to know that I got selected, my heart started beating fast, and my eyes teared up."

His nervousness and excitement bore from the fact that he had put in a lot of hard work in his efforts to get selected. But he got his just-deserved.

"I had just gone to give gifts, but I only got one in return," he reflects on the day he was identified to play.

But the gift didn't stay for long. With every team brimming with talent, it was difficult for Sehrawat to break through and get adequate time on the mat to showcase his skills.

"Sitting out, I took so much pressure on myself that I thought was done. That I'll never play in the nationals, VIVO Pro Kabaddi and for India. Thought that would just remain a dream. My motivation, confidence, everything was down..."

While Sehrawat was down, he wasn't out. At least, he didn't count himself out. Hard work wasn't something he was shy of, and he used that to his gain again. For Sehrawat, the door may have been held open initially, but he was going to ever let it shut on him.

"What I learnt was it doesn't take time for destiny to flip," Sehrawat reflects. "You cannot predict what the future holds for you. There are many out there who think their careers are finished. Even I thought I should take up some job because I wasn't going to make it.

"What you can do is work hard and back yourself. It's just that you don't know when you would bear its fruits. Things can change overnight, or they may take years. No one knows. But what cannot change is your commitment and your desire to keep working hard."