U Mumba have had a forgettable campaign this year with key individuals often failing to deliver for them. With both experienced players and youngsters struggling to put their best foot forward this season, there have been very few positives to come out of their campaign. However, one individual who has held his own on the mat this year for them is all-rounder Kuldeep Singh. Kuldeep produced several solid displays for Mumbai this season even though he was often fighting a losing cause. He sat down with prokabaddi.com recently for a candid chat. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Tell us how your kabaddi journey started.

I started playing kabaddi in my village. My father and my brother were both kabaddi players.

How did you enter Pro Kabaddi?

I have played nationals for the Haryana team around six times. After that I played for the university and then I joined Railways. Over there I played four nationals and I played well, which is why I got selected in Pro Kabaddi.

What is your most memorable kabaddi moment so far?

When I was in the Jaipur team, we were 7 points behind against Bengaluru. So at that time I got 4 points and that is my most memorable moment.

Who is your best friend in U Mumba?

Anup Kumar is my best friend. He never gets puzzled in a match even if the opposition is in the lead. He makes sure that every player gets an opportunity to play. He makes sure that we play the match calmly without any pressure and he tells us that we will cover the points slowly.

You are a senior in the team so when Anup is out and when you handle the defence, what sort of advice do you give the defence?

I tell them to play with patience and not to get puzzled. If you are sure of tackling the raider, only then go for it otherwise don’t.

Do you have any messages for the U Mumba fans?

This season was not that good for us but I would still like to thank them for their support.