Haryana Steelers have made quite a mark in their debut season in VIVO Pro Kabaddi, impressing both in the defence and raiding departments. While the corner combination of captain Surender Nada and Mohit Chhillar can easily be considered the best in the league, the raiders in the team have also showcased their brilliance from time to time. Wazir Singh is one such raider. 

With a total of 239 points and counting in his four seasons so far in VIVO Pro Kabaddi, the experience that the 27-year-old brings to the young Haryana Steelers attacking unit is unquestionable. Singh’s interest in kabaddi goes back to his village days. 

“In my village, circle kabaddi was played and I used to go there and watch the game. After watching these games, I learned a move known as ‘Kainchi Marna’. The person who organises the event told my father to enroll me somewhere to help my athletic prowess grow. Later my father did that and I stayed in a hostel for five years, and actually there I learned kabaddi properly,” Singh told recently. 

Singh considers the 2005 Junior Games held in Iran to be the turning point in his career. India’s fantastic performance which earned them the gold medal holds a special place in his heart. Having tasted success at a young age, his advice to youngsters who aim to become raiders is to keep on practising till they become effective and reach the top level.


When asked what has led to Haryana Steelers drawing plenty of success in their debut season, Singh said: “We give opportunities to young players and that is an important point. Secondly, we do not take any pressure, like which team we are playing against. It is obvious that if a match is played then one team will win, so what’s the point of taking pressure.” 

He continued: “One of the most important aspects of the team is that if a new player gets the opportunity to play he comes and performs for the team. That boosts the confidence of the entire team.” 

Singh may look like a man on a mission on the mat, unlocking defences and picking up points at will but behind the sturdy exterior is a man who loves music, particularly the singing part of it. Singing was his childhood hobby and according to him music tends to de-stress him. 

Indeed, Singh brings a lot to the table!