Bengaluru Bulls may not have had the best season, but the amount of talent and resources the team has showcased this time around bodes well for the coming season. With arguably the youngest squad in the league, head coach Randhir Singh has managed to overcome the deficiency in overall experience to create a team who had the ability to defeat the giants of the game. The results may speak otherwise, but Singh guided Rohit Kumar wonderfully to create a patient captain out of him and imparted his years of experience on the youngsters to hone them into solid future players.

In an exclusive interview with, the former national player shared his kabaddi journey and how proud he is to choose the game of kabaddi over other sports. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

What according to you is the role of a coach in VIVO Pro Kabaddi?

A coach has a very important role, especially when the training camps start. That is the time when we tell the players what is to be done. As the matches start, our role largely comes to an end because whatever we have taught the players in the camps, they have to execute on the mat. We take timeouts to see which players are tired and we go and tell them what is to be done. Behind the scenes, a coach has a very important role in this sport.

Tell us about your journey in the world of kabaddi, both as a player and coach?

I have won 20 national medals as a player and another 20 as a coach. As a coach, the medals which I have won are all gold and I am the only person with a tally of 40 medals. I am very happy about that. The place where I am from was called the Mecca-Medina of kabaddi during our times. It’s from there that I started learning kabaddi.

Any other sport you follow except kabaddi?

I was a senior sports officer in the Railways and all sports were under me. I have recommended players like Murali Kartik and Sanjay Bangar and have seen a lot of sports. But kabaddi is like my mother. This sport has given me recognition as a player and also as a coach. I am proud that being a kabaddi player, I got the opportunity to become the first sports officer in Railways.