Bengaluru Bulls have failed to make a real impression in Season 5 of VIVO Pro Kabaddi after several initial inconsistent performances marred with defensive lapses and lack of support in offence for captain Rohit Kumar. The only other player who has contributed in attack from time to time for Bengaluru besides Rohit is Ajay Kumar. He has been the second-best raider for the Bulls this season with some stunning moments to his name, including a monster four-point super raid against Bengal Warriors. The 23-year-old spoke to earlier this season and shared his kabaddi journey. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Tell us how you started playing kabaddi.

I started playing when I was a kid and my family also supported me. In my village, kabaddi was not played so I went to another village where I learned kabaddi with Pardeep Narwal and Rajesh Narwal.

How did you enter Pro Kabaddi?

I work in the Air force and I play for them in the national tournaments. From there, Services sent my name and I became part of Pro Kabaddi.

What difficulties have you faced as a kabaddi player?

Difficulties are there in every sport. In kabaddi there are more chances of getting injured because it is a body contact game.

Tell us about your most memorable moment in kabaddi.

Last season I was part of Jaipur and was introduced for a do-or-die raid and I performed well and got the Rising Star Award. That is my most memorable moment.

You have got this do-or-die specialist tag from when you were with Jaipur, so do you enjoy it?

I do not take pressure and our coach also tells me the same thing that it’s is my USP. I don’t take pressure and enjoy the sport.

Your partnership with Rohit Kumar is considered one of the best in the raiding business. What are your thoughts on the same?

I have not been able to perform to my potential yet but I am trying hard to gain momentum and support Rohit to make our team win.

Tell us about the four-point super raid against Bengal Warriors.

The game was in the balance at that time and the super raid turned it around for us and Rohit also congratulated and motivated me to perform better in the next games as well.