In a close match where Bengal Warriors faced Haryana Steelers, Baldev Singh and Ran Singh teamed up to pull off a well-calculated Super Tackle that gave their side the lead at the time.

Here's a breakdown of how the move was executed:

1. With Baldev Singh luring Vikash Khandola deep into the mat, the raider is tempted to keep his focus on the Right Corner as the other defender is too far back to be considered an immediate threat. This is the crucial phase where the raider is set up by the two defenders in their attempt to bring him down.

2. Having got him deep into the corner, Baldev then makes his move forcing the raider to slow down giving an opportunity to Ran Singh to join in on the defence

3. Khandola keeps his head low to ensure minimum body exposure and to attempt slithering through the defenders' clutches and scurry for the mid-line. But he finds Ran Singh ready to block his move.

4. With Khandola's torso exposure kept to the minimum, Ran Singh improvises by getting his arms around the raider and pulls him in. he tightens the grip to allow sufficient time to be joined by his teammate again

5. While Ran grinds Khandola down with his unrelenting grasp further pulling him in and then around, Baldev comes in and locks in on the raider's legs to ensure that he doesn't have any room to wriggle himself off the grip.

6. Ran's powerful and unyielding clutched are now in complete control of the raider's body while Baldev completes the Super Tackle with a similar hold courtesy a firm clasp on the thigh.